About - TealerLab CBD Shop

Tealerlab is the logical continuation of the Tealer brand, managed by Alex and Jeff, who went in search of the best CBD Strains in producing countries 🍁

Our goal is to find quality products offered by our French producers , our Swiss (not since the euro), Italian friends and to find the best qualities for you! 👨‍🌾

“We have made it our mission to allow everyone to explore the magic of CBD through a colorful and fun universe”

Building on the success of our brand, we want to apply the magic recipe to the world of CBD and amaze you by transforming the way you consume in the most discreet and modern way possible. 🤫

No more big clichés about its dangerousness, about dependence, or their psychotropic effects. Here, we have rigorously selected products without risk for the consumer.

Totally natural products, 100% legal, and from crops in the European Union.

At Tealer Lab we believe in the benefits of CBD for everyone.

Products you can trust for:

  • Relieve your daily stress and anxiety
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Help you relax, concentrate
  • Help you with pain treatment

And even support you in certain specific medical problems.

This is only the beginning, the rest will only be crazier!
We love you ❤️