6 façons de consommer du CBD - TealerLab

6 ways to consume CBD - TealerLab

Here are 6 ways to consume CBD to relax

Do you know CBD? Yes ? No ? Not too much ?
👨‍🏫 Let me quickly explain what we’re talking about!
6 ways to consume CBD - TealerLab
CBD is the nickname for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid that makes you feel good by helping you relax and let go. 😌
🍁 And what is a cannabinoid? It is an active ingredient in cannabis.
THC is also a cannabinoid, but unlike CBD, it gets you high and is banned by law in most countries.
CBD doesn't make you high and what's more, it's legal! ✌️

You may be wondering how it looks and how it is consumed?
😋 Don't worry, I'll tell you everything in this article!

1. CBD flowers can be smoked or drunk 🥰!

Make way for legal, no-hassle smoking

You can mix CBD flowers with tobacco or smoke them pure without cutting them. It's up to you !
That said, rolling a cannabidiol joint is not the healthiest or most practical way to consume it. 🌱
And then, we're not going to lie, if the goal is also to turn to a legal cannabis derivative, walking around with a firecracker in your mouth is not the best way to go unnoticed!

Well then, we're not going to hide our faces, it's clearly the most common way of taking it among THC regulars who want to try CBD.
If this is your case, you will surely find it familiar and reassuring to keep the gestures you are used to: Grind your flowers, roll your cigarette, light your lighter, smoke at your own pace and zeeeee go! 🚀
👍🏼 Initially, it remains a great solution to move on from THC.
You will find what makes you feel good, but without the drawbacks:

✅ The pleasure of riding: Check!
Soothing when you smoke: Check!
The taste of good weed: Check!
Demotivation: Goodbye!
Paranoid: Goodbye!
Social isolation: Goodbye!

In short, you keep all the advantages of THC, but eliminate the problems it causes!
Well, there is still the question of the health of your bronchi, but I offer you a solution: CBD flowers can also be consumed as a herbal tea.

2. CBD infusion, we are far from grandma's herbal tea!

CBD flowers are very often used to prepare infusions. Yes yes, we are talking about cannabis herbal teas ☕️!
But be careful, special relaxation cannabis that doesn't get you high and respects your health. ☝️
🤔 Does that surprise you? Don't worry, I'll explain!

Well, you already know this, but it doesn't hurt to remind you: smoking damages your lungs and makes you cough constantly. 😣
With the infusion, your bronchi are no longer exposed to the smoke and it is your digestive system which redistributes the CBD to your body.
But the biggest advantage of herbal tea over the joint is not only the health argument.

⏱ When you drink it as an infusion, the cannabidiol acts less quickly, but its effects last much longer than in the form of a joint.
When smoking it, the first effects of CBD appear after 5 minutes and disappear in just an hour, but when you ingest it, it acts after 30 minutes and its action lasts at least 2 hours. 😋
If that's not good news!

In this article, I will not explain to you how to prepare CBD herbal tea.
If you're interested, I'll talk to you about it in more detail another time.
At TealerLab, you will find CBD flowers with unique tastes to enjoy a real taste pleasure in addition to the effects of cannabidiol, but also ready-made herbal teas with fruits, spices, flowers and many other ingredients! 🍑
🕵️‍♂️ It seems that once you have tried CBD infusion , you can no longer consume it any other way... It's up to you to try it!
Tealerlab CBD Herbal Tea

3. CBD resin can be smoked, drunk, eaten 😇!

Aside from how it's made, CBD resin is a lot like cannabidiol flowers.
You can crumble it and put it in your tobacco to smoke it in a joint, but you can also mix it with foods, like cakes . 🎂
Why not try CBD space cake for a change?!
☕️ Just like flowers, CBD resin can also be consumed as an infusion.
Hash CBD Tealerlab

4. 💦 CBD oil, effective and versatile

CBD oil is a mixture between a carrier oil ( at TealerLab, it's MCT oil ) and cannabidiol molecules extracted directly from hemp.
Its manufacturing requires a lot of attention to detail and makes it possible to offer very precise CBD levels. 😵
The best CBD oils are “ full spectrum ” oils which contain a bunch of other substances interesting for your health, such as other cannabinoids ( CBG, CBC, for example ) or terpenes and flavonoids.

👩‍⚕️ When you hear about medical cannabis , it's often CBD oil that we're talking about.
Since the best way to take it is by placing a few drops under your tongue , it passes quickly into your bloodstream and acts quickly. 👅
🍔 But you can also mix it with drinks or dishes .
In this case, it acts less quickly (after 30 minutes), but much longer, since the CBD gradually enters your blood as you digest it.
You can even apply it to your skin if you have eczema or psoriasis, for example! 💁‍♂️

5. The CBD pen, for smoking in version 2.0

With the CBD pen , you can smoke cannabidiol in the form of an electronic cigarette.
It is recharged using cartridges, like a classic e-cigarette . 🤖
These contain a flavored e-liquid enriched with cannabidiol molecules which therefore pass into your bloodstream through your lungs.
😌 Just like rolling a cigarette, slopping CBD relaxes you quickly.
TealerLab offers you various flavors: Mango Kush, Amnesia, Lemon… The choice is yours! 🍒

6. CBD candies, what do you think is a relaxing sweet 🍬?

A true innovation, TealerLab CBD candies offer you the benefits of CBD without sacrificing indulgence! 🤤
Low in sugar, they give you relaxing effects about half an hour after tasting two or three.
😍 For the first time, you will be able to devour it for a good cause: that of your well-being
Especially since it's certainly the most discreet way to take CBD, you can literally take it everywhere ( for example at the office if your boss is stressing you out 😈)
Honestly, you absolutely have to try it!
tealerlab CBD Gummies

🎉 🎉 🎉 Here you know everything about our favorite ways to consume CBD 🎉 🎉 🎉
✌️ Do you want to relax without getting high or risking a bad trip? ✌️
You can order everything I told you about in this article in our e-store! Click on the link below!
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